The lonely, lonely bird

Into the wild

There are birds that are simply breathtaking. Birds that either with their color, their attitude or a particular behaviour develop certain charm that captivates us. The Townsend’s Solitaire (Myadestes townsendi) is not one of them. This ordinary looking bird has no particular charm: not its call, nor its plumage. It is a plain-looking bird and most people would simply dismiss it and go look at leaves or clouds.

But something happened between me and that bird that binds us forever. Something far from extraordinary but that somehow sealed a deep bond. I felt his terrible loneliness. I sensed he was an outcast and  that made me care for him. I felt the need to defend him. I felt emotionally connected to him as I have never been to any bird at time.

As I was photographing an earful of Bohemian Waxwings in Yellowstone National Park, I noticed that a…

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