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As part of the activities of the Muslim Lawyers’ Association of Nigeria 6th National Conference was a Paper presentation by Professor Isaac Olawole Albert of the University of Ibadan on the topic: Religion, Terrorism and National Security: Untying the Unholy Knot

The Professor while delivering his paper said that terrorism is often packaged as a contestation of power between some radical elements and the state. And that when there is good governance, democracy, rule of law and social justice, domestic revolts including terrorism will be less likely.

He said religious terrorism is basically a form of political terrorism as the end goal of such use of violence is to gain political advantages. He said religious terrorism has three main features

  1. It is lead by persons believed to be clerics
  2. The radicals draw from religious scriptures to justify and explain their violent acts and recruit new members.
  3. The groups considers acts…

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